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First Church of Christ, Scientist
in Montana

We are a church committed to healing. Please join us for Sunday services and Wednesday evening testimonial meetings. Or stop by and enjoy our reading room where we maintain a collection of books and periodicals that will help you explore the truths and healing message upon which Christian Science is founded.

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First Church of Christ, Scientist,

Welcome to our Church!

Founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy, the Church of Christ, Scientist is a worldwide network of churches devoted to spreading the healing truths of Christian Science. As its premise, Christian Science identifies man spiritually, as the child of God. Through this fundamental truth we are able to live life in accord with the precepts set down by Christ Jesus. An understanding of this spiritual fact enables each individual to overcome sin, disease, and all manner of discord. Christian Scientists around the world use Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and the King James Version of the Bible as their pastor. Study of these two works and the prayerful application of their truths and message in daily life comprise the fundamental practice of our religion and faith.

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Our church in Missoula offers a telephone conferencing system that allows people to attend our service remotely. To do so, please dial in at 805-309-2350, and after the prompt press 73111#. This is offered for both the Sunday service and the Wednesday service.
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Dealing with the threat of terrorism
with Brian Kissock

August 4, 2015,
2:00 PM EDT
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